APPY Service

Apply platform is designed and implemented based on architecture of cloud computing and it’s used to provide value added services to clients. In this platform, all the required software and hardware are from service provider side and clients can easily access the service with few clicks.

This platform contains four important components:
This service allows clients to gain scalability and accessibility of their commercial program. Using this service, client can access the required applications from any locations and devices (windows, mac, android and IOS based). Applications are located in Appy servers and they have the ability to do any scalability and necessary updates.
This service provides online storage for data and media files. Moreover, it’s designed for high survivability of data and the ability to recover information as fast as possible. Clients can store their pictures and other files in cloud environment and access them via any devices such as mobile, computer or tablet. This service also provides high reliability, in a way that each file is stored in three physical servers separately.
This service allows clients and employees of an organization to communicate with each other free of charge. After a registration, the manager can define clients. Subsequently, clients receive their user/password; they can communicate with each other via voice, video and text.
This service provides physical infrastructure for IT operation in cloud environment. In addition, if you need an infrastructure for supplying service to millions of clients or support of a critical service is needed, then, this service provides the necessary infrastructure to clients with the lowest cost instantly. Using this service, there will be no need of purchasing hardware and any related costs to management and maintenance. Moreover, more than one infrastructure can be used for clients and it provides high performance and reliability as well.
This service provides IaaS and PaaS for clients. Aserver allows users to create their own virtual server and also they can have control of their resources. The server can be created within a short time and it has the required flexibility to change resources.

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