Network Management System

Existing many IT systems and infrastructures alongside with huge number of network equipment, force Telecom companies to design, implement and operate management system to monitor and manage all those systems and devices status. To have a powerful network management system, this system should have fully or partially FCAPS functionalities. According to telecom companies’ demand for such a management systems, Fava Pars has been implemented and lunched open source and customizable network and IT infrastructure management system based on telecom companies requirements. This system is able to collect and provide management information using standard APIs and protocols such as SNMP, Syslog, WMI, SSH and etc. in addition, supporting standard APIs, make it easily possible to integrate with other systems such as OSS and BSS.

Network Management System Functionalities and Features

  • Auto Discovery Equipment, connection links, Servers, Computers, Power Supply, etc.
  • Supporting various Vendors equipment
  • Inventory Management
  • Interface Management
  • Network Routing Management
  • Equipment Status Management
  • Event Management
  • Generate Graphical Network Topology
  • GIS Support ( equipment map location)
  • Graphical Real-time Equipment and connection list monitoring and reporting
  • Monitor Servers and Databases
  • Reporting:
    • Changes
    • MAC Address
    • Add or remove equipment
    • SNMP errors
    • Incidents
    • Traffic report
    • Customizable Reports
    • Performance report
    • Availability Report
    • CPU Throughput
    • Interface Performance
    • Memory Performance
    • Thresholds
  • Failure and Event Management and Reporting
  • Create users with different Access levels

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