Internet Speed Test System

By the means of Ookla internet speed test system, internet users can examine the quality and speed of their internet and report any dissatisfaction with the service. Moreover, the providers can observe the customers dissatisfaction and act toward resolving the problems and attracting the customer satisfaction.
The Fava Pars consulting firm provides the launch and customization of this system according to the customers need and also added a system to Ookla for reporting and analyzing the experiments.
Customers are able to take a test by choosing either the province or international server, then observe the basic download and upload speed and the SLA (Service level Agreements) parameters such as delays, jitter and packet lost. Also, it gives providers the opportunity to observe and classify the tests that have been done, in a data center and exploit the statistic information and needful analysis.
This system consists of two parts: graphical interface and the server. Graphical interface is connected to the customers and the server evaluates the speed and test customer's line quality. FavaPars can initiate the system server, both centralized and distributed.
The picture below shows the centralized system server. As you can see in the picture, the test server, speed test interface and management portal are in the same center.
In order to evaluate the speed and quality of customer's internet, it is necessary to evaluate from the nearest server. The servers can be located on a distributed way so that the customers use one of the servers according to their locations, in order to evaluate the speed and quality of the internet.

The features of the system:

    Professional appearance, easy to use and extremely accurate
  • Customization according to the logo, font and arbitrary color
  • Customizing the speed measurement system
  • Using the animation to show the different process of measurement
  • Digital and analog show
  • Full compatible with web servers and clients

  • Effective and useful reporting system
  • Reporting according to the IP address, date and customers location
  • Reporting according to the operating system and customers browser
  • Reporting according to the web internet providers
  • Presenting the analytical charts of the download and upload speed average for each state, country and internationally
  • Presenting the analytical charts of delays and delays vibrations for each state, country and internationally

  • System of entering the complaints and reporting
  • Entering the customers complaints about the services and getting the confirmation
  • Persuading complaints by confirmation numbers

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