BYOD Solution

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions allow organizations to give their employees the ability to access the required information without worrying about any leakage. Traditional BYOD system has its own benefits, but on the other hand, the following problems are concerned:

  • Complex settings
  • Special need of software on user’s device
  • Limited scalability
In order to overcome the issues, Fava Pars consulting firm provides a MS Cloud BYOD solution, which is based on integration of Microsoft systems with the following 3 layer architecture:
  • Bottom layer: Cloud computing system is located in this layer. This layer is responsible to provide enough scalability in a way that it does not affect other layers, by adding new servers, more resources will be available.
  • Middle layer: This layer provides unlimited software and services, based on windows operating system. Each organization is capable of providing combination of tools and software to users.
  • Top layer: This layer controls user’s accessibility, in a way that general users can only get connected to do defined activities and they won’t be able to transfer any information. On the other hand, managers are capable of controlling, transferring information between different users and also obtain any information out of the system.

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